Sunday, June 9, 2013


Man and women were the first were creation of god. It is said that woman was created for the companion of man. This trend is the same still among human beings. Man and woman are companions to each other. However, this is the man who considers woman as inferior race. Man dominates woman. Men wrong are excused, but wrongs done by women are hardly excused. Most important role of woman has been ever considered as housewife. She takes care of her family.
Nevertheless, status of women is changing all the time. She has obtained her position at home as well as outside. She works outside in an office or working place like industry. She can earn money and support the family. We can see that a woman can work more than man. Besides education has made women much forward. Education has made her much more conscious. This, in turn, has brought a great changed in her economics, social-cultural, political and legal status.
Law has been made for provision of share of father property if she remains unmarried. Certain number of seats has been preserved in parliamentary election and also in election of local bodies. To sum up, I believe that economic, social-cultural, political and legal status of woman is ever changing in Nepal.

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