Sunday, June 9, 2013


Agriculture is regarded as the primary sector of the Nepalese economy. It is the chief occupation of about 65.5% of the total working population of Nepal and contributes about 32.32% of GDP of Nepal. Major portion of Nepal export trade depends on agriculture. It is estimated that about 18%of the total land area of the country is under cultivation. Growth rate of agriculture is 4.9%.The irrigation facility is in Terai (80%) region followed by the Hills (15%) and Mountain (5%) regions.  75 % of the total holding the country are below one hectare and only 8%of holdings are above three hectares. The total area under food crops farming is estimated to be 76%. The cash crops occupy 24% of the total  area.
Agricultural productivity level in Nepal is far below compared to other developed countries. Low productivity has resulted because of inferiors seeds, traditional methods of farming, lack of irrigation  facilities, low of education, awareness, and lack of necessary information.

The importance of agriculture in the economics development of Nepal is very high. It is the primary sector of the economy providing the basic necessities for the existences of people.

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